Evolution of an Entrepreneur

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The Background:

Start-up Saturdays is a platform where any Start-up can come up and speak about their services and products and also tells you that how they are different from their competitors. They also discuss upon their Business Model.

I am in Mumbai on my industrial training and I got an opportunity to participate in one of the event in the Month of August on second Saturday. Without thinking much over it I decided to attend it along with my cousin.

During the evening thoughts were churning in my head. Read if you care.

Four Facts:

1. The criteria for Forbes 500 for enlisting top 500 companies in America are: Sales, Profits, Assets, Market value, and Employees.

2. 4 Indians, 4 Americans, 7 Russians, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 Germans are some of the top 25 Billionaires as per Forbes.

3. 81% of the UK population says that the Government’s primary objective should be the creation of happiness rather than wealth.

4. India is ranked 125th in terms of human development indicators (HDI). However, almost the entire North America, Europe and Australia are less happy than India.

We all are entrepreneurs. According to Wikipedia entrepreneurship is: Art or science of innovation and risk-taking for profit in business.

Q and A:

Question 1: Who is Entrepreneur?

Answer 1: An Entrepreneur is a person who can innovate a process, model, way, design, business, happiness and almost anything desirable.

Question 2: Who is a successful Entrepreneur?

Answer 2: Any one who can innovate efficiently, effectively, differently with more charm and higher value product than a selling price.

A Story:

After narrating foregoing facts, questions and answers the teacher asked a question in a class. The question was a parable:

In a very busy market a beggar was begging. A very wealthy businessman passed by and gave the beggar a generous amount and moved on. Describe the whole lesson in a single sentence.

An Answer:

The businessman (Beggar) is selling a very high value product (good feeling/heaven) to his customer (businessman) for much lower price (Money)

Promising Entrepreneurs @ Startup Saturday

Promising Entrepreneurs @ Startup Saturday

Thanks to Head start Team to provide me a platform like Start-up Saturday where I get an opportunity to network with Entrepreneurs, Students and many participants and where everyone is full of ideas, innovative thoughts and energy.

Evolution of an Entrepreneur

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      Good article and shows a new angle of looking towards business

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Evolution of an Entrepreneur

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